Provincial Support

To provide the necessary support to teachers who are implementing the new programs this year, the DEAFC is offering personalised coaching on different aspects of these programs of study and their evaluation.

Evaluation Grid of Learning Material

LThe MEES direction de l’éducation des adultes et de la formation continue, in collaboration with the Adult Education network, has developed an evaluation grid for learning material to help teachers and pedagogical consultants choose their pedagogical material.
This non-prescriptive tool can be adapted and modified to suit the needs of any milieu.
Through the network’s request, a beta version has been made available, complete with a guide explaining how to use the grid while the final version is completed. A second version of the grid is also available to allow for a more flexible reading of the manuals that do not fit into the phases of preparation, participation, and integration. It contains essentially the same information as the first grid but in different groupings.
You may consult the PowerPoint that was used to present the grid during the Provincial Meeting of Administrators and Resource People Responsible for Pedagogical Support (27 January 2017).

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Carrefour FGA offers an ensemble of resources designed for General Adult Education personnel in Quebec.
Carrefour FGA aims to make your life easier when you need ideas or information for your practice or professional development.
Among the resources gathered on Carrefour FGA,
you will have access to sites that were specifically designed for General Adult Education personnel in Quebec
as well as to links to the best educational resources. Here are a few of those sites.